History / Profile

Knowles Plumbing was established just after World War II which makes it one of Western Australia’s oldest and possibly longest established and still operating plumbing businesses. Originally located in Mandurah, Knowles Plumbing has now relocated to Perth but still retain a yard in Mandurah.


Knowles Plumbing currently operates from Welshpool in Perth and undertakes contracts in small to medium to large-scale commercial Projects, including high-density residential construction projects throughout Perth, and in the South West of Western Australia.


At Knowles Plumbing we have the capabilities to deliver hydraulic services in the commercial, industrial and group housing sector. Our strengths include, but are not limited to the installation, commissioning and maintenance of the complete hydraulic in the construction sector – no matter what the size of contract.


Our experience is spread over a variety of construction platforms and includes, but not limited to health, education, retail, defense, retirement, hospitality, group housing, high rise apartments and industrial.

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